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the EU Environmental Liability Directive and Related Directives and Practice Issues

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Un site web interactif pour le gouvernement, industrie et d'autres praiciens travaillant aux questions légales, scientifiques et économiques directives et relatives environnementales de responsabilité des syndicats Européens de Practique.

Eine wechselwirkende web site für regierung, industrie und andere praktiker, die auf den Europaäischer anschluss-klima verbindlichkeit richtungweisenden und in verbindug stehenden zugelassenen, technischen und ökonomischen praxis-ausgaben arbeiten

This European Union Environmental Liability Directive Practice Exchange website was developed in 2009 by the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group, in cooperation with EU Government Authorities and others, in order to facilitate communication among diverse practitioners working on the ELD and related legal, scientific and economic practice issues.

The ELD, which has been implemented in all 27 Member States, imposes liability for damage to natural habitats and species protected at Community and national levels, surface and ground waters covered by the Water Framework Directive and land. This website is intended to serve as a focal point for exchanging information on a variety of ELD-related practice issues and activities.

This website is intended for use by diverse practitioners engaged in implementation of the European Union (EU) Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) and related matters -- including the European Commission, Member State authorities, industrial companies and associations, professional organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, academics and practicing attorneys, scientists, economics and others -- and we invite contributions to this website. Documents, presentations and other information of potential interest to the broad practitioner community may be sent to for posting on this site.

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